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Single cab box build help please

I have a 2014 ram 1500 single cab
I am soon to be purchasing 2 Sundown Audio SA-12 D2s and with a Crecendo BC2000d.
After measuring my truck, i can deal with a wedge box 17 high, bottom depth of 11, top depth of 5. Using 3/4 inch MDF, if i build a sealed box 41 in width , that will give me 2.3xx cubes. Sundown asks for 1 cube sealed with a .14 displacement. I figured 2.3 will give me room for a brace or 2.

Here is my question:
If i build a ported box with those same dimensions using a 59 width, it will give me 3.35 cubes (1.5 each is recommended not counting .14 displacement) but i only have 59.5 inches of usable width behind my seats. Since the top depth is only 5, i figured i would use an aeroport mounted low on the side. Is the remaining 1/2 inch or so enough for the port to breath so close to that wall? If so, what size aeroport would i need (diameter and length) to have a 32-35hz tune with proper port area?

Or am i better off just rocking the sealed box?

Thank you very much
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I may have dropped this in the wrong section. My bad
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SPL?? can only hope to improve

Can’t you build the port facing up?
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